New Series: The Slave Assassin

I will soon be releasing an epic fantasy series of stories, which I will put in the fantasy Short Stories section of this website, entitled the Slave Assassin. A tribal man is captured by a group of Murk-Dwarves who sell him as a slave to the Dark Elves of the underground kingdom of Droven. After a time the dark-elves realize the man is worthy of more than mere manual labor and the other menial tasks of a slave as he demonstrates his ability to kill. He could be useful as a house-soldier, or perhaps to fight in the pits, however as Rark Harnash’s new master begins to see his potential he believes the warrior beast may be tamed and perhaps his killing skills can be sharpened to the point of much further use for his house, he could obtain the prestigious and honorable position as Slave Assassin, a slave used to kill covertly and quietly to advance his family’s position in the dark kingdom.  Rark will then embark on a journey of blood and death to obtain honor and perhaps will find the ability to accept his new life and the perks it may be bring him.

This epic fantasy short story series will soon be available. The first installment is nearly finished and will be made available for free in the short stories section of this website. Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!

Welcome to the new website

Hello everyone. This is the new official website for the World of Diamic and related publications. It is still in the works, but feel free to browse to your hearts content. Thanks for visiting and as always thanks for being a faithful reader, for without you my dreams would wither and die. Enjoy.

-David B. Beaver, the author.