The Mountains of Veil

Enter you who desire magic and adventure
Enter you who wish to escape to a world of fantasy, from a world so dull and so pale
But heed the right path, for all who come and go must pass through the misty Mountains of Veil

Welcome then to a world of adventure and magic, a world of fantasy, once forgotten, but at the same time, not yet conceived…

Diamic is a world of fantasy always in the making, growing, changing, and shifting in time and space. It is my fantasy world that I hope to share with you all, may it inspire, entertain, but more importantly than anything else, take you on a journey to rediscover magic.

Here I will share fantasy artwork, short stories, and news and events in the blog. You’ll also have access to the books I’ve written and published myself. May your imagination return to life as you enjoy this new world. I invite you, the reader, to share in its splendor, its glory, and its wonder. But beware, many men and women have arrived and never want to leave. It is both a blessing and a curse.